Black Friday Electric Bike Sales – Best Deals + Early Access

Black Friday Electric Bike sales are probably the single best way to get a new ebike at the best price. With production recovering and competition at an all time high, this Black Friday is going to feature some great deals.

Updated 24th Nov – We’ll be updating this page regularly as we go into Black Friday and Cyber Monday, making sure the latest deals are published here so you can compare what’s available. Bookmark this page and come back. You can also sign up to our e-mail list on the sidebar or by clicking here for e-mails when the deals hit.

What Electric Bike Brands Will Have Black Friday Sales?

Based on previous years sales, we’re pretty certain most of these ebike brands will have Black Friday sales on. We also expect large online bike retailers to have big sales on traditional and electric bikes. We’ll include the best ebike Black Friday sales from them here too.

Popular Electric Bike Brands That Might Have Black Friday Sales

These brands are less likely to have sales based on past years but still might do deals to make sure they aren’t left out.

  • Trek
  • Zooz Bikes
  • Specialized
  • VanMoof
  • Brompton

What Black Friday Electric Bike Deals Are Expected?

A common offer is a straight $100 to $200 off of a new electric bike. A really good discount is somewhere around 20%, but that’s rare. 10% to 15% off is generally a very good deal. However, don’t expect much more as discounts on ebikes are still very tight because of huge demand.

Sometimes instead of money off you’ll get a free bundle of accessories and upgrades. This could be something like a free pannier rack, upgraded saddle, or just a discount on any accessories you choose.

Will Black Friday E-Bike Sales Be Any Good This Year?

Bear in mind that in the past couple of years ebike demand has shot up as more people want an easier way to get out and enjoy life. At the same time the basic material prices have gone up, as well as manufacturing assembly plants being out of operation or at reduced capacity.

This has meant a lot of bike and ebike sellers were selling at a premium last year, while still being sold out most of the time. Stock seems to be recovered well for some but still hard to get for others. Some stores are still only selling bikes on waiting lists!

When Is Black Friday In 2021?

This year Black Friday is on the 27th of November. It’s the last Friday in November and was named because it’s traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year. It’s the day after Thanksgiving, when many people have the day off and a big of holiday cash to spend – as well as buy presents for Christmas.

When Is Cyber Monday In 2021?

Cyber Monday in 2021 is on Monday the 29th of November. Generally the deals aren’t any better or different but that’s because so much shopping is done online now. Mostly you’ll find retailers start sales at the start of November or in the last week before Black Friday, and close sales a week or so after.

Aventon Black Friday Sale

Right now Aventon are giving you $300 off if you buy two Ebikes using the code BUY2SAVE3 on any two of their Ebike range. You can also get a straight $100 off any ebike purchase and $100 off on the next purchase with Aventon using the code GET100X2.

Aventon are consistently one of the highest rated Ebike producers, and offer a great range of models.

Get $300 off if you buy two Ebikes from Aventon, or $100 off any bike and $100 off on your next purchase

Buzz Bikes Black Friday Sale

Buzz Bikes are having a really good Black Friday sale of $200 off on their most popular bike – the Cerana. Use the coupon code BUZZBLKFRI at checkout from the 24th until the 27th at Midnight for the offer.

You can also get $150 off any purchase over $999 or $200 off any purchase over $1499 using BUZZTHANKS150 and BUZZTHANKS200. This can be used on any of their ebikes and accessories.

Use coupon BUZZTHANKS150 on $999 purchases or BUZZTHANKS200 on $1,499 and up, or BUZZBLKFRI on the Cerana

Black Friday Electric Bike Sales - Buzz Bikes
Black Friday Electric Bike Sales - Buzz Bikes 2

Juiced Bikes Black Friday Sale

Juiced Bikes are a very popular and growing brand that make a great range of quality e-bikes. They’ve added some really good sales across the line for Black Friday and may add more in the next few days

The first deal will be for $200 off of their newest bike the HyperScrambler 2. This is a dual battery, 30mph speed and 100+ mile range capable bike that’s more like a motorbike than a pedal bicycle.

They now also have $300 off on their HyperScorpion Moped-Style Ebike, $200 off on the RipCurrent S (a fat tire, leisure-style Ebike) and CrossCurrent X (marketed as the ultimate commuter Ebike) and the Step-Through versions. All come with free shipping!

Click here for $200 to $300 off on Juiced Ebikes

Lectric Ebikes Black Friday Sale

Lectric makes Electric Bikes that are perfect for commuting in and out of the city. Their bikes are all foldable, powerful, and have great features included that normally cost more on higher end bikes.

Their Lectric XP 2.0 and the Step-Thru version are both excellent value at only $999, but for November they are adding a bundle worth $227 totally free plus pushing the price down to $949, overall $277 off. The giant seat, suspension seat post, premium headlight and free shipping are all customer favorites and you can get them all for free for a limited period.

Click here to save $277 on a new Lectric Ebike

Rad Power Bikes Black Friday Sale

Rad Power make a great range of Ebikes from their Fat Tire ebikes to their Electric Commuter and Step-Thru version, and even a carry wagon style bike. They have a proven track record for good quality and support and are a top brand if you’re looking for your first electric bike.

The main offer is an $100 voucher for accessories in the new year if you buy an ebike now. They’re also offering $300 off if you buy two of their bikes, which is really good if you’re looking to buy for a family.

They also have a small sale of $100 off of certain models – while stocks last. The slightly older models of the Rover 5 and City 3 & 4 are both in the offer so take a look at stock by clicking the link below. There is also 25% off on some helmets.

Click here for Rad Power’s Black Friday Offers

Rambo Electric Bikes Black Friday Sale

Rambo make powerful and rugged hunting and outdoor adventure Ebikes with some excellent features and upgrades. This year they are doing a big Black Friday sale.

Their entry level Cruiser gets $300 off, and you can get a full $1,000 off of their high end hunting bike the Prowler.

Get up to $1,000 off of a new hunting Ebike at Rambo

Competitive Cyclist Black Friday Sale

Competitive Cyclist are having an early Black Friday sale of up to 25% off on helmets, cycling shoes, clothing, protective gear, and more. Check out the Competitive Cyclist Black Friday sale here.

Ride1Up Black Friday Sale

Ride1Up have a great core range of bikes focus on city, commuter, and comfort styles. If you sign up for their email list at the bottom of the page you can get $40 off on your first order. You can also get up to $200 off on some models, or up to $450 off if you buy two bikes!

$200 off one bike or $450 off on two at Ride1Up

QuietKat Black Friday Sale

QuietKat are offering a massive and early Black Friday sale on their outdoors and hunting focused bikes. You can get up to $450 worth of accessories for free, including one of their big cargo trailers, 50% off on a huge capacity battery, or cargo bags, coolers, or pannier racks.

Get $450 in accessories free at QuietKat’s Black Friday Sale

Bakcou Black Friday Sale

Bakcou make powerful off-road Ebikes suited for hunting and big outdoor adventures. They’ve got a really good Black Friday sale that starts now. From now until the 29th of November you can get $300 off on any bike, plus five free accessories – and not just the cheap ones either.

That’s about $1120 off a brand new Ebike! The accessories are a set of side pannier rack bags, a trailside repair kit, a GoPro healight, a waterproof phone bag and a gear trailer. That means a complete hunting experience at a huge discount.

Get $1120 of discounts and accessories with with a Bakcou Ebike here

Ebike Helmets Black Friday Sale

A couple of our favorite Ebike helmets are on sale during Black Friday with some decent discounts to be had. If you haven’t thought about getting a helmet, think twice and consider picking one up in these deals.

Lazer Urbanize NTA MIPS

Best Electric Bike Helmets - Lazer Urbanize

POC Kortal Race MIPS Helmet

Best Electric Bike Helmets - Kortal Race MIPS