Best Electric Bike Mirrors – 3 Great Options + Top Tips For Positioning

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One of the very best safety accessories you can get for your E-Bike is something that’s standard on bikes and cars. So why don’t we use them? We hope our list of the best Electric Bike mirrors will convince you to give them a try!

Don’t have time to read? Our Top Picks
Best Electric Bike Mirror – Hafny Round Mirror
Best Smaller Electric Bike Mirror – Hafny Angled Mirror Bar end / Handlebar mount version
Smaller Mirror – CORKY Urban Bike Mirror
Cool Option – Bike Peddler Eyeglass Mirror

Do Bike Mirrors Really Help?

If you live in a place that isn’t bike friendly, aka everywhere in the world apart from the Netherlands, then bike mirrors are really helpful. Staying safe when you’re on an Electric Bike provides an extra challenge because of the increased speed.

Because E-Bikes allow keeping pace with traffic, they’re more likely to be ridden on the road. If you’re commuting regularly with yours, or have a particularly bad road crossing set up in your town (most US towns have these, unfortunately…) then a mirror will go a long way.

Being able to see being you means you can adjust your riding position when a car is going to come up too close. You can better judge when cars have seen you before a turn.

Will Mirrors Fit On My E-Bike?

One thing you’ll need to check is what type of mirrors will fit on your model of Electric Bike. Bar end versions of the Hafny push into the end of your handlebars. Some bikes have solid handlebar ends, or their bar is too small to fit the bar-end version.

The kit that comes with the Hafny bar-end version fits a fairly wide range of handlebars. However, you’ll need to either replace the grip with one that’s open or cut the end of yours off if you don’t have a simple plug on your handlebars.

If you don’t want to do either of those things, you can get the handlebar-mounted version that attaches closer to the middle of the handlebars, on the inside of the grip. These are the exact same mirrors but with a longer mount.

They can make the handlebars seem a little clustered if you have a few things mounted. However, they extend nearly as far as the bar end versions and are very simple to mount with a couple of hex keys.

Best Electric Bike Mirror – Hafny Round Mirror

Best Electric Bike Mirror - Hafny Round Mirror
The same mirror in a bar end and handlebar-mounted version
  • Real glass used so no fogging
  • Bar end or handlebar mount versions
  • Large area for wide viewing angle
  • Super adjustable
  • Easy to mount
  • Silver or anti-glare blue glass

The Hafny Round Mirror is our top pick for the best Electric Bike mirror. The large, round mirror is made of high-quality glass and gives a large viewing area. They extend fairly far out for really good visibility – the bar-end version even more so.

They can be adjusted to come in a little or completely fold up. It’s easy to adjust both of these while riding for a better angle on certain. This is a great mirror that’s going to up your safety wherever you ride.

Best Electric Bike Mirror – Hafny Angled Mirror

Best Electric Bike Mirrors - Hafny Angled Mirror
The same mirror in a bar end and handlebar-mounted version
  • Real glass used so no fogging
  • Bar end or handlebar mount versions
  • Good viewable area
  • Smaller and less obvious than the round mirror
  • Super adjustable
  • Easy to mount
  • Silver or anti-glare blue glass

Despite appearances, this mirror is slightly smaller than the round Hafny round mirror above. If you don’t need the biggest mirror or prefer this shape – go for it. Again this comes in a bar end or handlebar mount.

Incognito Electric Bike Mirror – CORKY Urban Bike Mirror

Best Electric Bike Mirrors - CORKY Urban Bike Mirror
  • Small, discrete mirror
  • Folds up to disappear
  • Convex mirror for wider viewing angle
  • Fits inside 18-23mm handlebars
  • Also fits over handlebars with a universal, flexible silicone mount – also included

If you want a more discrete mirror for your E-Bike, the Corky Urban does a great job. It’s definitely small but even a little glimpse should show you anything coming up behind as the mirror is convex to show a wide angle.

For city riders, this is a little lifesaver. It doesn’t increase the width of your bike in a big way and folds in to hide away. It comes with an internal mount for most bikes or a flexible silicone mount that goes over the top of the outside couple of inches of your grip.

Cool E-Bike Mirror Option – Bike Peddler Eyeglass Mirror

Best Electric Bike Mirrors - Bike Peddler Eyeglass Mirror
  • Fits glasses or a helmet
  • Easy to adjust on the go
  • Move your head for a better view
  • Lifetime warranty

If you are a dedicated rider, take a look at this head-mounted mirror option. It’s durable, well-made, and comes at a really good price for the quality.

You mount this to your helmet or glass with those rubber tabs, just by bending the metal into place for the right pressure. Then you adjust the eye mirror by bending the metal. It’s durable and won’t break.

There are riders who have used this exact product daily for 20 years. The simplicity is deceptive. Even though it’s tiny, for how close it is to your face, you get a huge viewing range. It does move with you but this means you can make little movements to see a car or situation you need to be aware of.

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Do You Need Two Mirrors On An E-Bike?

You can definitely get away with just one mirror on the side that you will have the most traffic on. So in the US as you will cycle close to the right side of the road you’ll need a left-side mirror. If you drive on the left in your country, a right-side mirror will be better.

However, two mirrors are definitely better than one. Two will allow you to ride in the left lane safely, and get an overall better view of the road and your surroundings.

How To Attach A Mirror To Your Electric Bike

Attaching a mirror to your Electric Bike is simple and takes less than five minutes. All you’ll need is a couple of hex keys (also called allen wrenches) in 3 and 5mm. If you’ve got IKEA furniture you’ve probably got these lying about somewhere.

The easiest way to find out is simply to watch videos. The first video is for handlebar-mounted mirrors – and is the same for rounded or angular mirrors. The second is for bar end mirrors and again applies to both mirror shapes.

How To Position Bike Mirrors

Most people opt for their mirrors above the handlebars but it’s possible to have them underneath. If you sit with your hips higher on the bike to pedal more efficiently, you might find this works better for you.

Position your mirrors like you would a motorbike. Rotate your mirror for the widest width and have the arm going straight out to the side (at 90 degrees from the bike). Then, adjust the mirror so you can clearly see what is behind you.

A good tip is that you should only see a small amount of yourself, but there is enough of an inwards angle that you can see a driver’s face if they were directly behind you.

The only thing to note with using these is to be aware that they will increase the width of your bike. You’ll need to be aware of that extra size so you don’t clip anything. You can always adjust your mirrors on tighter city rides or fold them completely up or down when needed.